Mining Business License (IUP) that have Clean and Clear (C and C) amounted to 6,042 companies per April 2014   April 14, 2014  reported   that  after going through some process of phasing and identification of appropriate standards , the government set of 10,922 mining business license ( IUP ) set clear and clean ( CNC ) as many as 6,042 IUP . The remaining 4,880 IUP declared clear and clean ( non- CNC ) .

” Based on existing records 10,922 IUP minerba we have identified , there are clear and clean 6,042 IUP , then that is not clear and clean there are 4,880 , ” said Director General of Mineral and Coal , R. Sukhyar , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

According to an alarming number of IUP Sukhyar already in the production stage but not yet clear and clean .

For Non CNC minerals but already in the stage production by 1,978  IUP and IUP  400 for coal .

Sukhyar admit , although the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has set a IUP CNC sometimes there is ( complain ) and for  that  the government has formed an integrated team consisting of KESDM, Kejaksaan Agung, Bareskrim, Kemenhukham, Kemendagri, BPKP, Badan Informasi Geospasial  to resolve them .

“If no one can claim that we have stated so clear and clean , ” said Sukhyar .

Recapitulation of CNC and non- CNC IUP per metallic mineral producing provinces , Bangka Belitung Province has the highest IUP especially tin , while most of the coal in East Kalimantan with a total of  1,441 IUP .

For the Pacific Islands of total 1086 IUP CNC is not much that only 484 to IUP and East Kalimantan , especially for coal production CNC 372 CNC IUP while as many as 69 non IUP .

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