Mining companies are planning to build a processing plant and refinery (smelter) must prepare a power plant independently  April  30, 2014   reported that the mining company that plans to build a processing plant and refinery ( smelter ) must prepare a power plant independently.

Director General of Electricity , Ministry of Energy, Jarman said the subsidy burden is borne by PT PLN ( Persero ) in the electricity sector , it is expected that mining companies do not rely on the state-owned power company .

” Many smelters that have the potential to cheap electricity , but they should be looking investments. Was that maybe they do not want to be bothered because there PLN which provides , ” he said in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/30/2014 ) .

Jarman suggested that a mining company wants to build a smelter utilize potential energy resources in the project area . Thus it can create electricity generation . For example, take advantage of the availability of batub fig or gas potential .

Furthermore , Jarman said the government already firmly to remove subsidies for customers PLN I- 3 and I- 4 began in May 2014.       It will implement these measures for the mining company that wants to build a smelter .

” I recommend , yes standalone course . Could get up electricity alone or in collaboration with the private sector . If PLN intervention was certainly no scheme run business to business , ” he said .

Previous Jarman also gives the option for entrepreneurs who keberatakan by raising the Electricity Tariff ( TTL ) to request waivers to PLN .

He explained that the request waivers can be submitted to PLN is the TTL requesting relief payment by installment . ” Can the TTL in paying the installments , ” he said .

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