PTBA signed an agreement with Ignite Energy Resources Ltd (IER) in the processing of low rank coal  May 6, 2014   reported  that PT Bukit Asam Tbk ( PTBA ) signed an agreement ( MoU ) Cat – HTR technology development in Australia and Indonesia with Ignite Energy Resources Ltd ( IER ) . Later , in collaboration technology that can process low grade coal into synthetic crude oil and high quality coal ( PCI ) .

Corporate Secretary of Bukit Asam Pramod Joko explained , the synthetic crude oil , will be processed like a crude oil ( crude oil ) , and can be processed into gasoline , kerosene , and PCI .

” The fuel that can be directly used for industry , and low-emission power generation , ” said Joko in information disclosure , Tuesday ( 6/5 ) .

Joko explained , the current low grade coal company had sent to Australia for dicujicobakan the Cat – HTR technology , in the factories of the IER . The results of these trials successfully produce synthetic crude oil with regular oil resembling quality .

” These trials , also produces high -quality coal with a calorific value of 7,000 kcal over / Kgs , ” said Joko .

Bukit Asam is a State-Owned Enterprises ( BUMN ) that have coal resources in Indonesia as much as 7.3 billion tons . While IER is an Australian company engaged in the field of energy technology development .

In addition , the IER has and manage energy resources (natural resources) , including coal resources in Victoria , Australia at 16.4 billion tonnes .

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