China plans to ban the import of low rank coal April 10, 2014 reported that one of China’s largest coal export markets Indonesia intends to ban the import of low rank coal or  coal that has a high ash content and sulfur .

The policy was planned to hit the high air pollution caused by coal burning .   Ren Lixin , head of the coal division of the National Energy Administration ( NEA ) said China wants to import  high quality coal .

Keep in mind , China is the world’s largest coal consumer . This year , the consumption of coal used for power generation is projected to rise more or  less the same as in 2013 .

Although it has not been decided , the policy was being considered . The point is , China plans to ban the import of low rank coal in order to overcome the high air pollution in China .

In the policy plans , coal imports are restricted are those that have calories below 4,540 kilocalories per kilogram , sulfur content of more than 1 % and ash content of more than 25 % .

China imported 330 million metric tons of coal last year . In the plan of the Chinese government , this year there is a reduction targeted energy from coal by 65 % .

Meanwhile , the price of coal calorie of 5,500 kilocalories per kilogram at Qinhuangdao , traded in the range of 525 yuan – 535 yuan per tonne on April 7.

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