Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) will not issue the new mining license (IUP)  April 8,2014  reported that despite having set seven mining area ( WP ) in Indonesia , the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources  ( ESDM ) will not issue mining license ( IUP ) new . The seventh is the designated WP , Sumatra , Sulawesi , Kalimantan , Maluku , Papua , Java and Bali , and Nusa Tenggara .

Director General of Mineral and Coal, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources , R Sukhyar said the local government may issue a Mining Business License ( IUP ) after the determination of the WP . However , he said , is still awaiting the issuance of the license arrangement is problematic IUP before holding an auction for the issuance of a new license .

” Now you, IUP total amount is more than 10 thousand permits . We will first existing system , should not be given a new license , ” said Sukhar in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 8/4 ) .

Sukhyar explained, it had completed the reconciliation of 6042 IUP and publishing company clean and clear status ( CNC ) has been due to meet the administrative requirements and do not overlap .

While around 4,876 IUP holder is still problematic given to local governments to solve it . ” Once everything is clear , we will give you a new license , ” he said .

The WP says consists of mining areas ( WUP ) , artisanal mining region ( WPR ) , and a reserves area countries ( WPN ) . Publishing IUP will be granted to local governments designated location WUP .

According to him , the local government must first obtain approval from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources before holding the auction of the mining area .

” For metallic mineral commodities and coal IUP mechanism should be through auction procedures , ” he said .

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