Pelindo Continues to Develop Coal Infrastructure Ports

TEMPO.CO May 25, 2014 reported that the Commercial Manager of PT Berlian Jasa Terminal Indonesia ( BJTI ) Imam Ghazali said the company continues to develop the port terminal infrastructure Satui , South Kalimantan . PT BJTI is a subsidiary of PT IPC III ( Persero ) which is specifically working on coal handling business niche . Satui port located in Tanah Bumbu , regional division of the District Kotabaru .
” Business prospects are very promising future . From a number of investment programs that have been implemented , I hope there is an increase in productivity . Improved port facilities and infrastructure will continue to be developed , ” said Imam via electronic mail , on Sunday , May 25, 2014 .
Satui port has a quay length of 126 meters and stockpile (storage for coal ) with a capacity of 82 850 cubic meters . In the midst of the many local businesses local , Imam said , BJTI won the confidence of users of the service because the service is good and mutually beneficial partnership .
It still faces obstacles road conditions during the rainy season which is quite difficult to pass , the condition of the settlement near the port so it is vulnerable locations affected by air pollution , and flow constraints are often experiencing siltation . ” Currently we are in the process of developing a stockpile of land with an area of 1 hectare adds . To track infrastructure improvements will continue to be pursued with the partnership , ” he said .
A spokesman for PT IPC III , Edi Priyanto , said the data flow in the first quarter of 2014 vessels in the Port Satui reach 69 units . The realization of the increase compared to the same period in 2013, as many as 23 vessels. As for the loading and unloading of production in the first quarter of 2014 amounted to 536 301 tonnes per cubic meter , an increase compared to the same period in 2013 amounted to 163 461 tonnes per cubic meter .
” Based on that data, the activity of the terminal operator at the Port of PT BJTI Satui able to encourage local economic growth , ” said Edi .

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