PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) plans to build Coal Power Plant based on technology Ultra Supercritical Coal (USC)

Jakarta , APBI – ICMA :  April 10, 2014 reported that in order to reduce the use of coal in a steam power plant ( power plant) , the State Electricity Company ( PLN ) in collaboration with 30 Japanese investors .

The plan is to build cooperation tech Ultra Supercritical Coal Power Plant ( USC ) is a technology that uses less coal .

The scheme will form a Joint Crediting Mechanism ( JCM ) Indonesia – Japan involving some large companies from Japan and PLN .

Japanese companies are interested to cooperate among them is denganPLN Shimizu , Mitsubishi , Yokogawa , Mitsui , Kyushu Electric , and much more .

Nasri Sebayang , PLN Construction Director explains , power plant technology with USC does require funding more expensive . Therefore , building a power plant just plain run out of U.S. $ 1.5 million per megawatt ( MW ) .

“If you build a power plant tech USC usually U.S. $ 2 million per MW , ” he said to KONTAN , Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) .

Though expensive , the use of technology that will save the use of coal . That is why , this technology is more suitable for generating capacity jumbo . For example, power plant with a capacity of 600 MW , 800 MW and 1,000 MW .

According Nasri , USC power plant that uses this technology can save about 20 % fuel compared to coal use in power plant coal usual .

” Thus , future expenditure PLN to purchase coal could be cheaper , ” he said .

Nasri reveals , the reason PLN in cooperation with several major Japanese companies because USC already using technology in their own power plant .

” In Japan the plant as it can generate a lot of electricity but only burn less coal , ” he said .

The realization of this power plant , according to Nasri , now still under study . The power plant will be built primarily for other areas in Sumatra and Sulawesi , Java , and Borneo .

Nasri added that this year is no bidding stage and the next year began the implementation of its development . The target , a new tech power plant was in operation no later than 2019.

Jarman , Director General of Electricity of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources , said the USC -tech power plant already in operation, the Cirebon power plant ( 660 MW ) and the expansion Paiton ( 850 MW ) .

” The power plant will be constructed Trunk ( 2×1.000 MW ) , and the expansion Cirebon power plant ( 1,000 MW ) , ” he said .



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