Ideal capacity required for coal export port ranges from 30-40 million tons per year June 9, 2014 reported that the Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI) has called on the government to pay attention to aspects of capacity in managing coal port for export.

Chairman of APBI-ICMA Bob Kamandanu describes the ideal capacity required for coal export port ranges from 30-40 million tons per year. The rated capacity has to accommodate the needs of employers nationwide coal.
“The capacity should be bigger. Ideally I can say that 30-40 million tonnes per year, “said Bob in Jakarta, Monday (09/06/2014).

In addition to capacity, Bob also wants the port location is not as far from the coal mine project site. This is done so that transportation costs do not become burdensome obstacle for businesses.
He also added that the existing facilities at the port required to meet the needs of coal producers. During this time he considered, the existing port facilities dominated not accommodate business needs.
“So do not be far from the location of the terminal mining project. I think it is not economical. Then that is not less important facilities, need to be considered too, “he said.

Bob appreciates the government’s proposal that would fix the 14 ports that used actors to mine coal exports. “That’s good,” said Bob.
According to him, some coal companies really have to have special facilities and port to export the result of mining operations. “If companies holding Coal Contract of Work (CCoW/PKP2B) is have got all kinds,” said Bob.

Bob stated, by arranging coal export port, it also accommodated the desire of business actors as attempts to sell products to the global market. This step also acknowledged able to suppress illegal exports of coal in the country.
“Indeed, there must be official. So at least a small coal company is accommodated his wishes,” said Bob.



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